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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Capodimonte Porcelain

Capodimonte porcelain dates back to the reign of Charles of Bourbon and the Kingdom of Naples in the eighteenth century. Charles initially set a side a small building at his Royal Palace to produce porcelain under the artistic director Giovanni Caselli and chemist Livio Ottavio Scheppers. However, by 1743, he had determined that the conditions of the small building did not allow for an appropriate and efficient work environment, so he commissioned construction of a new factory in Capodimonte.

Charles ascended to the Spanish throne in 1759 after the death of Philip V. When he left Naples he ordered the Capodimonte factory demolished and took all of his porcelain manufacturing secrets with him to Madrid, Spain. Charles’ son, Ferdinand succeeded his father as King of Naples and started another factory where his father had pulled up roots. By 1772, a new factory, known as the Royal Factory, had been built and production resembled the original Capodimonte factory.

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