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Friday, August 29, 2008

Elegant Heisey Glass Popular Among Collectors

Although the Heisey Glass Company was founded by Augustus H. Heisey, in 1896 in Newark, Ohio, Mr. Heisey had already had much experience in the business. Aside from marrying one Susan Duncan, daughter of George Duncan of Duncan Glass fame, he had worked at King Glass Company of Pittsburgh and the Ripley Glass Company. In 1893 after spending some time out west, Heisey decided to open his own glass company. The first Heisey Glass Company products were pressed glass pieces, but they were made in such a manner that they appeared more expensive than they actually were. Flawless glass combined with a high finish and firepolishing, the glass appears as brilliant as crystal and is known as elegant glass to collectors. However, most Heisey glass is easily identifiable by its marking.

Heisey is also known for having been one of the first companies to adopt a nationally and internationally recognized trademark symbol. Introduced in the early 1900’s the Heisey trademark has always been an H within a diamond. Although some early creations had a paper label, most Heisey glass are impressed with the logo. The logo is usually about .25 inches long and is normally at the base or stem of the piece. However, the logo is not the only thing that makes Heisey Glass so attractive to collectors. Heisey Glass also produced some of the finest etched glass of the early to mid 20th Century. Their Orchid Pattern is probably one of the most recognizable and popular patterns among collectors.

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