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Thursday, August 14, 2008

C & M Antiques Barred From Selling American Flags by eBay

News organizations were reporting yesterday that a Waterbury, Connecticut antiques and collectibles dealer was barred from selling vintage American flags on the online auction giant eBay. Mark Albino who owns C & M Antiques and Collectibles in Waterbury had sold between 75 and 100 vintage flags on eBay over the past five years and the flags, depending on vintage, condition and desirability, can bring in anywhere from $50 to $500. What got him into trouble was that he decided to sell the flags internationally but yet exclude certain countries and or states. His listings included the following caveat, “Please note that this flag is not for sale to anyone residing in any country in the Middle East, France or the State of California . . . or to any person in any country not allied to the USA.” Although eBay and maybe others may not see it that way, I agree with and God Bless Mark Albino.

According to articles eBay basically said that a seller cannot choose to sell internationally and then randomly choose countries to be excluded. The representative was quoted as saying, “you either sell your items to international bidders or you don’t.” However, Mark has been selling merchandise and vintage flags on eBay for the past 5 years. Why all of a sudden is eBay now enforcing this rule? And why can’t he choose which countries he will sell his flags to . . . because eBay says so? What a bunch of baloney. eBay, a powerful, AMERICAN, company should make it easier for sellers to be able to choose which countries our flags go to. Mark is right, we as a country should not be selling flags to individuals in countries where they may use them for anything other than to honor America and our people. I would rather see eBay tackle the exorbitant shipping and handling fees that some dealers try to charge than to bother with such an honorable cause as this.

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