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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Butter Molds – Collectible Kitchen Utensils

In the August 24, 2006 NOVA-Antiques Newsletter, we talked about utensils (egg cups) that have become very collectible. Butter molds are from the same family (utensils), in that they were originally intended for home use, and not intended as the pricey collectible items that they have become. Originally used by women to adorn their dinner tables, the butter molds later were used by farmers to differentiate their product from others, thus becoming a marketing tool.

There are many types of butter molds, with many different origins and designs. First there is the hand carved wooden molds used by the farmers in the late 1700-1800’s. Later butter molds were made by machine. Although both are very collectible, obviously the older wooden ones are the most sought after and the most expensive for collectors. Many of the wooden butter molds are intricately carved, which drives the price even higher.

Believed to be from the late 1800's, this unusual bird shaped butter mold pictured recently sold on Ebay for over $344.

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