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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pocillovy – Collecting Antique & Vintage Collectible Egg Cups

Pocillovy is the act of collecting egg cups. An egg cup is a container used for serving boiled eggs. Although not much used in the United State, egg cups still remain popular at the breakfast tables in Europe. There are many types of egg cups, some are footies, which means they have a wide base, others are know as buckets, which do not have a pedestal. They can be made of many materials including wood, glass, plastic, porcelain or metals.

The earliest images of egg cups appear in a Turkish mosaic dating to about 3AD and examples were found among the Pompeii ruins of 79AD. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that egg cups were produced as individual pieces of dinnerware and in most cases, silver egg cups were gilded on the inside. These early examples of egg cups are very hard to come by because they were used as everyday dinnerware and often got chipped or broken. The Wabash egg cup pictured above sold on eBay for over $760.00.

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