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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Beckham’s Booty Found on eBay

Published reports say that two people working as housekeepers in the David and Victoria Beckham household, as well as the housekeeper’s son were arrested earlier today after memorabilia and other booty was found on eBay. Other staff members at the Beckham’s residence were suspicious of the help’s son because he hung around the residence and was not actually employed there. They told Victoria’s parents, who in turn found the memorabilia on the online auction site. Apparently, the help spent a lot of time not only at the Beckham’s official residence, but they also spent time in the couple’s holiday home in France. Missing from the home and found on the eBay online auction site according to reports were dresses belonging to Victoria and a lot of soccer memorabilia from soccer icon, David Beckham.

The investigation is continuing to determine if any other items were stolen from either the main residence or the holiday residence and eBay has pledged to help with the investigation and to help prosecute the offenders. What gets me is that these alleged thieves were pretty dumb to have thought that no one would look on eBay for the booty. One of the first places investigators now look for stolen antiques and memorabilia is on online auction sites. Investigators know that in most of these cases, the crooks are in it for a quick buck and will want to turn the items over quickly. Before the rise of the Internet and auction sites like eBay, the first place investigators would look was in local pawn shops and antiques stores. Now, a thief can steal something and sell it half way across the world.

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