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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hurricane Lamps Both Stylish and Practical

With all the flood, wind and weather disasters of recent years, one cannot overlook the importance of having a few hurricane lamps around the house. When power fails, traditional candles can be dangerous. We have read or heard of many disasters when a candle has tipped over catching curtains and furniture on fire. The hurricane lamp, with its glass chimney is a little bit safer. Many people have taken old hurricane lamps and converted them to electricity, but that defeats the purpose during power outages.

Hurricane lamps are not only desirable for their practical use, but the right lamp can add certain stylishness to a room. You can buy new hurricane lamps in any large department or specialty store, however the most beautiful lamps are the vintage lamps found in antique shops or flea markets. One of the most popular and stylish type of lamp is called the Gone With The Wind (GWTW) Lamp, named after the Academy Award winning movie of the same name. These beautiful lamps feature hand painted designs on both the lamp and a chimney enclosure. Prices for beautiful hurricane lamps can range from a mere $35 to thousands of dollars.

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