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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abingdon Pottery Cookie Jars

Both of the pictured cookie jars were made by Abington Potteries in the Mid-40s.  They were made very similar in size and pretty much look and feel.  What is the difference between the two cookies jars, besides the obvious?  One is white and one is black for sure and their hand-painted decorations are different as well.   However, the major difference between the two is their value; the Mammy (black) cookie jar is worth in the range of $800, the Little Ol’ Lady cookie jar more in the range of about $150-$200.
The price disparity has nothing to do with one being black and one being white.  In fact, the Little Ol’ Lady cookie jar was made both in black and white.  The price disparity has more to do with the quantity made; many of the Little Ol’ Lady cookie jars were made by the company while only a very limited number of Mammy cookie jars were made.  These were given as prizes to pottery distributors who achieved certain sales goals at the time.  Experts can only tell them apart by the slight shape difference and the type of glaze used.
To make matters even more confusing, Abingdon Potteries were not the only ones to make Mammy cookie jars.  About the same time period, McCoy Pottery, which is a well-known name amongst collectors, was also making them.  These are also very collectible and appeal to many different types of collectors.  And whether they were made by McCoy or Abingdon, because of their popularity and worth, many unscrupulous dealers have made reproductions and fakes.  Collectors beware.

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Unknown said...

Your post was from 2012. We have the black mammy cookie jar and we're curious as to the value today. Thank you so very much.