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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tale of an Antique Blender

It’s mid-day oh so long ago; it is hot and steamy, the sweat rolls down your back after toiling in the garden most of the day.  You prepare to get into a cold tub of water to cool your body and soak away the days grime.  Then you stop and think a nice refreshing drink would make my day . . . and your thoughts continue; what type of libation can I concoct to cool myself off quickly?

As you ponder this, a tall condensation riddled glass full of lemonade pops into your sweating head; but you think, that is so cliché and boring. You want something more exciting and tastier, something made with fruits other than lemons and limes, and just to be naughty, perhaps a splash of rum.  The picture in your minds eye of the combination sends shivers down your spine and you begin to get excited.

Then the thought process changes and percolates; how can I blend fruits, ice and liquor perfectly together to taste just right?  If only there was a machine that would allow you to do this quickly and easily.  You could easily add fresh fruit to ice from the old cold box and blend in liquor slowly and methodically to taste.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful, you think to yourself, as you walk into the kitchen and see the old mason canning jar full of strawberries sitting on the counter.
We don’t know if that is how this antique blender came to be; but we do know that necessity is the mother of all inventions.  A strawberry daiquiri is a refreshing fruity rum drink that we all enjoy so much on a sunny and warm day surrounded by friends and family.  The ingredients however have to be perfectly blended and what better way to do it than with a machine; a machine that someone oh so long ago invented to do just that.    

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