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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recent Coin Auction Price

What is a dime worth to you?  In most cases a dime as we know is worth ten cents.  It is one tenth of an American dollar or ten American pennies.  In rare cases, a dime may be worth a little more if it is unique or in some cases a dime can be worth a lot more depending on condition and rarity.  Such was the case this past week when a single dime sold at auction for more than $1.84 million.
This rare dime was made in Carson City, Nevada in 1873 and was a “No Arrows” Liberty Seated coin.  Made as part of the Battle Born Collection, this dime was made before the mint closed down in Carson City.  It was auctioned sold by Stack’s Bowers Galleries during the American Numismatic Association Convention.  Let’s see . . . $1.84 million equals how many regular dimes?  I believe that’s about 18,004,000,000 regular dimes.

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