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Thursday, September 27, 2012

INARCO Head Vases

The International Art Ware Corporation was too long a name and therefore most people know it by its shorter version, INARCO.  This company, which is known for its lady head vases, was established in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 60s but was later sold to NAPCO and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.  The company’s founder was Irwin Garber and it is believed that his wife served as a model for many of the head vases that the company created.
I have written about head vases before and NAPCO of course was one of the biggest producers of these; however I believe that some of the most beautiful collectible head vases were made by INARCO.  Most you will see have long eye lashes and are adorned with pearls or other accessories.  They come in the form of many different celebrities including Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.  INARCO head vases can range in price and the example pictured recently sold on eBay for $689.


Gateway Gallery Auction said...

We are having our own head vase auction coming up February 2nd. We had a great time cataloging all the different styles and makers. Each one is unique and beautiful. Anyone interested in the auction can view the catalog here http://bit.ly/11k8Cng

Only in Bucks said...

LOVE your blog- and these heads!